Sunday, August 21, 2011


In the noise a signal is detected; from the chaos a pattern emerges

Part 1: An Introduction to The End

I've just woken up from a rather fitful sleep. What woke me up is something I've been mulling over, pondering, turning over in my mind for some time now and I know that these thoughts of mine are in no ways unique or profound or even especially insightful as I'm seeing and reading a great many other people coming to what seems to be the same conclusion, so just consider me another voice added to the Greek Chorus. The conclusion I, we, seem to be coming to is that in the face of what seems to be a burgeoning swing to hard-right policies and politics in many nations (Europe's austerity measures and growing anti-immigrant, nationalist right wing movements, Canada's Harper regime, the potential defeat in 2012 of Barack Obama by extremist Christian Dominionist and Tea Party candidates), the manufactured US "Debt Crisis", Republican intransigence, the polarization of politics in Canada, the hostile -- and now, in hindsight, seemingly inevitable -- corporate takeover of the American political system by the US Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision, the expanding power and control of the plutocratic oligarchy through deregulation and lack of political or judicial action against "Too Big to Fail" banks, companies, and individuals in the financial services sector, the growing militarization of local, municipal, regional, state and federal police forces, and the ever narrowing field of mainstream media diversity and corporate ownership of that media. All of this and how it impacts and will impact us as citizens now and in the foreseeable future.

In short, we, all of us regular folk, the people (sheeple?), are about to be fucked, fleeced, and sent to the slaughterhouse.

What follows is going to be a long, multiple part essay on where we are as free societies, how we got into this predicament, where a lot of progressive thinkers think events are taking us, and, finally, what, if anything, we can do as free citizens to resist this horror and, if at all possible, turn things around.

More follows...